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LA Dodgers Booster Club Membership Information


The LA Dodgers Booster Club is a support organization dedicated to: 

1.) bringing the sport of Baseball to the attention of sports lovers the world over

2.) stimulating interest in the Los Angeles Dodgers

3.) providing information that is relative to the sport of Baseball

4.) Raising funds to help support financially strapped local Little League Teams

5.) Making our youth more aware of this inspirational pastime

Membership Levels:  All-Star $30. (adult)    Major League $20. (dependent over 18)    Minor League $15. (dependent under 18)    HOF $55. (upgrade)

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                                                                                               LA DODGERS BOOSTER CLUB INC. RELEASE AGREEMENT WAIVER

1.  I, (we) as a member of the LA Dodgers Booster Club, Inc., (hereafter referred to as LADBC) agree as follows: LADBC, is support group organized for the mutual enjoyment of its members in supporting the LA Dodgers Baseball Club.

2.  LADBC's activities include group transportation to/from baseball games, meetings, picnics, and other events. At these events LADBC may serve food and engage in group activities of various types.

3.  I (we) understand that the activities of LADBC, would not be possible if the organization were to accept responsibility for injury to its members or losses its members might incur while participating in group activities, eating, travel or otherwise.

4.  Therefore, I (we) agree to waive any claims that I now have, or ever may have, arising from my participation in LADBC, and to release and hold harmless LADBC, together with its officers and directors, from any liability whatsoever for any injury or damage that I may sustain as a result of participating in events sponsored by LADBC.

5.  This release agreement shall bind and apply to the benefit of my heirs, representatives, or estate and to the successors of LADBC.

6.  Annual LADBC dues are $30. for All Star, $20. for Major League $15. for Minor League and $55 for HOF.

7.  Membership badges are distributed at monthly meetings. Mail delivery of your badge will incur a small additional charge for postage.

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Minor and Major League Members cannot join on their own; but must be linked to a new or existing All-Star or HOF membership

Minor and Major League Members are not required to be part of the same household as their All-Star or HOF sponsor

Minor League members must be supervised by a parent or consenting adult to participate in any / all LA Dodgers Booster Club activities

Please Note* All Adult Members pay the same membership fee, there is no additional member of household discount, except dependents

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